Welcome to core-shifters.

Welcome to Core Shifters!  "Taking Hurst further".

NOTICE:  ProStores is ceasing operations on Feb 1, forcing us to find a new host.  Our store is now CLOSED.  We will open a new website (same domain) as time allows - check back.  At the present time, all orders must be placed through eBay.


EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS!!  Beyond the popular T-5, T-45, T-56, & TR-3650 shifters for Mustang & Camaro, we have MANY shifters you cannot find anywhere else!  We use Hurst Billet Plus internal components and Hurst chrome sticks wherever possible.  The housings & other components we fabricate are 100% made in USA!  Check out our new listings for:


  • New Venture Gear / Getrag shifters (NV1500 & NV3500) for 1988-2007 Chevy / GMC trucks & 1994-2004 Dodge trucks
  • New Venture Gear shifters (NV1500 & NV3550) for 2000-2004 Jeep & 1999-2004 Dodge Dakota
  • Getrag 238 shifter for 2005-2009 Dodge trucks
  • NV4500 shifters for 1995-2007 Chevy / GMC & 1998-2005 Dodge HD trucks (5 speed)
  • NV5600 shifter for 1999-2005 Dodge HD trucks (6 speed)
  • AX15 shifters for 1989-1999 Jeep & 1992-1999 Dodge trucks
  • AX4 & AX5 shifters for 1984-2002 Jeep
  • W59 & R150F shifters for 1988-2004 Toyota trucks
  • R155F & RA60 shifters for 2005+ Toyota Tacoma
  • RA61 shifter for 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • T-5 shifter bases for 5 speed swaps (from S10, Camaro, Mustang, AMC/Jeep, etc - each of these is different)
  • T-56 shifter bases for 6 speed swaps (from Camaro, Viper, SSR, GTO, etc - each of these is different)
  • TR-6060 shifter base for direct "forward" mount conversions (from new Camaro, GT500, CTS-V)
  • TR-6060 shifter base for direct tail mount conversions (from Challenger)
  • T-56 shifter base for "forward" location (Magnum & OE)
  • T-56 Magnum shifter base for tail location (shorter throw than OE)
  • T-56 Magnum XL shifter for 2005+ Mustang conversion
  • Tremec TKO shifter base for tail location (shorter throw than OE)
  • T-4 & T-5 shifters for 1982-1995 Chevy S10 truck & most GM models
  • T-4 & T-5 shifters for 1982-1986 Jeep & AMC
  • T-5 & T-56 shifters for Australian applications (Holden Commodore & Ford Falcon)
  • T-56 / TR-6060 shifter for 1992-2010 Dodge Viper
  • T-56 / TR-6060 shifter for 1997-2013 C5 & C6 Corvette - plain, chrome, or Hurst HardDrive sticks!
  • TR-6070 shifter for 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray - plain, chrome, or Hurst HardDrive sticks!
  • TR-6060 shifter for 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V - plain, tapered stainless, and pistol grip styles
  • T-56 shifter for 2005-2006 Chevy SSR truck
  • AR5 shifter for 2004-2012 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon truck
  • AR5 shifter for 2006-2010 Hummer H3
  • FM145 shifter for 1985-1987 Ford Ranger
  • M5OD (R1 & R2) shifters for 1988-2011 Ford trucks - SOLD OUT, new design coming soon
  • MT82 shifters for 2011+ Mustang - plain, chrome, or Hurst HardDrive sticks!
  • Ford Racing shifter for 2005-2006 Ford GT Supercar - available now!

Coming soon - *** TEST VEHICLES WANTED ***:

  • AR5 shifter for 2006-2009 Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, & Opel GT Roadster
  • ZF S6-650 shifters for 1999-2010 Ford Super Duty & 2001-2006 GM HD trucks (6 speed)
  • R150 shifter for 1985-2014 Toyota trucks (2wd)
  • FM132 & F146 shifters for 1988-1992 Ford Ranger
  • Others by request
  • 2013+ Viper


NOW AVAILABLE - Hurst stick kits (for use on stock shifters):

  • 1983-2004 Mustang
  • 1993-2002 Camaro & Firebird
  • 1984-present Ford Falcon (Australia)
  • 1988-1997 Holden Commodore (VN-VS)
  • 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO & Holden Commodore (VT-VZ) - knob & HardDrive versions
  • 2009+ Challenger - knob, pistol grip, & Hurst HardDrive versions
  • 2010+ Mustang GT500 (& 2007-2009 w/ Steeda) - knob & HardDrive versions
  • 1992-2010 Viper - knob & HardDrive versions

+ Tons of shift knobs!

If you are doing a trans swap and not sure which Hurst chrome stick you need for your custom application, please see:  http://www.core-shifters.com/hurst2004sticks.pdf

Everything we presently have to offer is listed.  Most items are also listed on eBay.  We specialize in shifters, stick kits, and knobs mostly for modern (1982+) internal rail transmissions in cars & trucks.  We develop our own products wherever the market is not being served.  Some shifters (like the Jeep NSG370 & Dodge G56) are beyond the reach of the aftermarket due to cost & complexity.

In general, Core Shifters share many of the same superior features & components found in Hurst Billet Plus Shifters, integrated into unique, exclusive base assemblies:

  • Forged heat-treated CNC-machined billet steel gear selector
  • Precision stainless steel pivot ring
  • Self-centering cross-gate bias springs with heat treated spring seats
  • Glass-reinforced polyamide pivot cup insert with steel wear clips
  • Rubber oil control seal with steel retaining ring
  • 6061-T6 extruded aluminum housing with Spirolox steel support ring
  • Laser-cut steel or CNC aluminum base (varies by model)
  • Vibration-resistant serrated flange head steel retaining bolts
  • Optional adjustable positive gear stops (extra charge where available)
  • Rubber dust cover boot
  • Pan-head allen bolts with toothed lockwashers to mount stick
  • Traditional forged billet steel triple chrome-plated Hurst stick
  • Classic shift knob
  • High quality and outstanding value!

Core Shifters is not affiliated with Hurst Shifters, but rather it is a retailer of their components both directly and in assemblies with parts from other sources. In this way, we can offer exclusive products to meet the needs of our customers like no one else!!

Our online store is currently closed for maintenance.
Please visit us again soon.


If you need immediate assistance, please e-mail us at coreshifters@gmail.com.